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The Story of Us, NC: A PBS American Portrait Story

Watch Now: The Story of Us, NC

This year, PBS asked people across the country to share short stories about their lives in order to inspire a nationwide conversation about what it really means to be American today. In this half-hour special, over a hundred North Carolina voices share their story and what makes us all a part of the American story.

The Story of Us, NC is streaming now on the PBS Video App.

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J. Chong

Chef J. Chong shares the story of overcoming a global pandemic to launch her business.

Sabrina Saleha

Sabrina Saleha strives to amplify stories of indigenous people and the land they lived on.

Jesi Strachman

Jesi Strachman channels her efforts to help others find opportunities in their obstacles.

Sergio Mauritz

Sergio Mauritz talks about his life as an actor and as a DACA recipient.

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