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Growing a Greener World
oe Lamp’l, Host & Executive Producer

About Host & Executive Producer Joe Lamp’l

As one of the country’s most recognized and trusted personalities in gardening and sustainability, Joe Lamp'l combines his national television experience with gardening expertise, environmental stewardship and passion for living a more eco-friendly life into each episode of Growing a Greener World.

Joe’s infatuation with gardening and nature began as a child after a run-in with his parents’ favorite shrub. Panicking, he jammed the broken branch into the ground and a few weeks later, it had taken root. Joe was not only relieved, he was also hooked on horticulture. That passion is now evident to a nationwide audience who has watched Joe as host of popular series and guest spots on network television and cable channels. 

For the keenest insights into organic gardening, green living and farm-to-table food, join Joe Lamp'l for Growing a Greener World.
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Now in its ninth season, the award-winning gardening series Growing a Greener World covers everything from edible gardening, urban homesteading and hobby farming to seasonal cooking, canning and preserving the harvest. Each weekly episode, hosted by Joe Lamp'l, focuses on compelling and inspirational people making a positive impact on the planet through gardening.

Along with a team of expert environmental allies—including North Carolina-based Foodscaping & Landscape Design Correspondent Brie Arthur, DIY Guy Todd Brock, Canning & Homesteading Expert Theresa Loe and Celebrity Chef Nathan Lyon—Joe blends grassroots with gourmet to show how satisfying Growing a Greener World can be!

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