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Each week on the North Carolina Channel's Situation Report, Jeff Smith brings active duty military, veterans and their families concise, useful information. Sit-Rep covers such topics as service and benefits, mental health issues, historic observances, Department of Veterans Affairs updates and much more.

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Situation Report: Liberating Belgium, Remembering America's

Situation Report in Belgium

UNC-TV's Military and Veterans Affairs team is covering Belgian ceremonies honoring American military who fought and died during World Wars I and II, May 21-June 2.

Thursday, November 7, at 10 PM, on UNC-TV PBS & More, UNC-TV premieres a special Situation Report featuring coverage of Belgian memorial sites and services honoring heroes of the World Wars from our state and nation.

Sit-Rep Explores the U.S. WWI & WWII Presence in Belgium

UNC-TV'S Military and Veterans Affairs team is working with Belgium’s government and citizens who honor Americans who fought and died during World Wars I and II. Centered annually around our Memorial Day weekend, the Belgian ceremony started 100 years ago after the end of The Great War.

UNC-TV's team members in Belgium include Jeff Smith, director of Military and Veterans Affairs for UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina, along with Director of Photography Dan Powers and Producer David Hurst. During their nearly two weeks in Belgium, they will share the major celebrations at the three official American Cemeteries, as well as numerous private grave sites and memorials to the Americans.

Visit the American Overseas Memorial Day Association Foundation (AOMDA) site and search for the cemeteries and stories of the soldiers.

UNC-TV is grateful to our partners and hosts in Belgium: the American Overseas Memorial Day Association Foundation (AOMDA), the American Battle Monuments Foundation (ABMF), Visit Flanders (Toerisme Vlaanderen) and The Wallonia Tourism Bureau (Wallonie Belgique Tourisme).

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