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Who We Are

Our Mission

We provide transformational experiences and trusted content to educate, inform, entertain and inspire the people of North Carolina.

Our Vision

We spark lifelong curiosity and wonder, empower communities and enrich the lives of all North Carolinians.

Our Values

We start with trust and move forward creatively and collaboratively with purpose, imagination and open minds. 

PBS North Carolina staff and volunteers at a 2019 event
PBS North Carolina staff and volunteers at a station event in 2019.

Our Story

For more than six decades, PBS North Carolina has educated, entertained and evolved—from B&W screens in homes to glowing screens with streaming content everywhere. 

We’re an innovative multimedia platform, embodying everything you love about PBS and connecting North Carolinians to their communities and the world at large.

As your statewide public media network, we harness the power of the UNC System to:

  • Spark lifelong curiosity and wonder,
  • Share trusted PBS news, programming and resources,
  • Engage with complex local and national issues,
  • Offer opportunities for lifelong learning,
  • Raise the level of discourse around science, arts and humanities,
  • Inform communities in times of crisis,
  • Celebrate our state’s people, stories and culture.

Our Impact

A square image with a dark blue background. In white text: Reaching 14+ million viewers in NC and surrounding states. A thin white outline of North Carolina.
A square image with a red background. In white text: Proud to be the 3rd largest PBS Member Station in the U.S.
A square image with a light green background. In white text: 1 million weekly broadcast viewers. A thin white outline of an older television.
A square image with an orange background. At the top is the yellow and blue Rootle logo, with two grey gears and blue text: PBS KIDS Channel. In white text: 140 million PBS KIDS streams annually by NC households.
2,725 hours of local programming aired
A square image with a light blue background. The PBS LearningMedia logo in dark blue. In white text: 277,884 annual users for our Sci NC educational resources.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Anti-Racism

PBS North Carolina is committed to promoting equity and mitigating bias on a systemic level. We do this by designing and creating content that is reflective of and accessible to our diverse communities and by developing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives and resources with and for our employees.

Our Original Productions

Woman cooking a recipe on set of PBS North Carolina

We create compelling original productions that reflect the rich diversity of North Carolina and its communities. From programs about travel, culture, public affairs, science, nature and the arts to innovative digital series and illuminating documentaries, we celebrate our state’s people and culture in thoughtful and surprising ways.

Our Commitment to Education

Woman speaking at a PBS North Carolina Education event

With the support of our partners, we develop award-winning programs and resources that offer lifelong learning opportunities for all North Carolinians. Whether you want to participate in a workshop, attend a community event, learn about our collaborations with community partners or discover our many local and national programs, PBS North Carolina Education is the place for you.

What’s New at PBS North Carolina