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Corporate Sponsorship and Underwriting

A Large & Engaged Audience

Serving the country’s third largest public media market, PBS North Carolina educates, entertains and inspires audiences across the state. An innovative multimedia platform, it embodies everything you love about PBS and connects you to your neighbors and the world.

Sponsors Get Results

Commercial TV shows 15 times more promotional messaging (in the form of advertising) than noncommercial PBS NC. When we highlight a company or organization in our clutter-free environment via a short sponsorship break, our viewers take notice. 

71% of viewers

agree that sponsors of PBS provide a valuable public service  

* Source: Commercialization Research, City Square Associates, 2016 

68% of viewers

believe sponsors of PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence  

64% of viewers

see sponsor messages as different and better 

The Best of PBS with a Local Accent 

PBS North Carolina keeps audiences informed in times of crisis, unpacks complex issues, offers opportunities for learning and discovery and elevates the level of discourse around science, arts and humanities. 

Our 12 stations provide viewers in all 100 counties with four unique broadcast program channels: PBS NC, the North Carolina Channel, Rootle (our 24/7 PBS KIDS channel) and the Explorer Channel. 

Beyond traditional broadcast TV, our digital sponsorship packages are the most coveted among current corporate partners, reaching our vast digital audience of engaged email subscribers, streaming viewers, and website visitors.

PBS North Carolina Control Room

Amplify Your Social Impact

Extraordinarily engaged in their communities and with discretionary dollars in their wallets, public media audiences are well-educated, affluent, community-minded, influential and cultured. Sponsorship of PBS NC programs builds credibility for your business and connects it with engaged audiences who are seeking content that expands their perspectives and informs their decisions. 


They prioritize education and lifelong learning. 


They drive trends among personal and professional networks. 


They impact the economy with discretionary spending. 


They support the arts and creative expression. 


They participate in and lead community initiatives. 

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Companies who invest with PBS North Carolina can expect: 

  • Increased brand awareness and ROI on select marketing goals through targeted broadcast messaging and digital advertising  
  • Statewide broadcast activation through support of specific projects to positively amplify social-impact goals 
  • Turnkey community engagement opportunities for corporate employee teams 
  • Access to state-of-the-art production services and studio/facilities rentals 

Inquire About Sponsorship

Tell us about your organization, marketing and social impact goals.