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Empowering Teachers & Educators

PBS Resources for the Classroom & Beyond

PBS North Carolina Education knows that the impact of education and learning lasts a lifetime. We strive to build awareness of and ensure equitable access to the robust educational resources that PBS offers to enrich North Carolina students, educators, families and communities.

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At-Home Learning

Educational Programming Blocks & Learning Resources

PBS North Carolina offers at-home learning resources for students, from early learners through grade 12.

We provide standards-aligned programming and curriculum-based lessons on our broadcast and digital platforms and supplemental resources for educators and students online. 


Back to school

Back to School: Routines & Transitions

Resources to help little ones embrace new routines and the social-emotional transitions of going back to school.

Alma's Way Neighborhood Notebook

Almas Way: Neighborhood Notebook

Alma explores and appreciates all the great things about her neighborhood. How can we make observations and celebrate our communities?

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Classroom Helpers

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood: Classroom Helpers

In this game, lend a hand in Daniels classroom by caring for the class pet, watering the class plant, cleaning up and organizing the toys, art center and cubbies.

At home learning presents teacher time

Teacher Time YouTube Collection

NC Teachers of the Year lead early learners through hands-on learning activities, including short-form STEM activities.

At home learning presents classroom connection

Classroom Connection: For Educators & Families

Classroom Connection features PBS KIDS favorites with North Carolina educators. This short-form learning series aimed at pre-K through third-grade students delivers engaging math and literacy lessons developed by and featuring North Carolina teachers to support at-home learning.

Grades 3–8

man batting a baseball illustration

PBS NC Science Collection

A comprehensive collection of open educational resources (OERs) and lesson plans aligned to state and national standards. Most direct alignments occur at the middle school level. The lessons also touch on high school alignments and are appropriate for students in grades 4–12.

smiling group of diverse young adults

Contemporary Issues of Local & Global Relevance

These resources bring the Smithsonian’s power to contextualize contemporary issues into the classroom. They provide teachers with the trusted content and expertise they need to help students make sense of the world and foster future-focused conversations around challenging topics.

Grades 9–12

American Veteran

American Veteran

Veterans come from many different demographic, geographic and ethnic backgrounds. Yet many veterans encounter people who hold stereotypical images of who they are and what they can achieve.

Anonymous question box in a classroom

Retro Report

This nonprofit news organization connects the past to our present. Its videos and lesson plans inspire critical thinking and discussion on a variety of subjects including history, civics and science.

Life science lessons tiles

Life Science

From single-celled organisms to giant redwoods, Life Science explores all of Earths life forms. Resources in Life Science gives you a wide range of topics, including the cell cycle, genetic disorders and bioethics.

Small kids looking at a globe

World Languages

Bring world languages and cultures into your classroom with resources on Spanish, French, Japanese, German and more.

Professional Development Webinars & Resources

Human-Centered Design Principles for Educators

Inspire, ideate, implement. These three design techniques are deployed to prototype new, innovative product and service solutions. Why aren’t we applying these techniques more intentionally in classroom projects, department and team plans, work groups like Professional Learning Communities and PTAs, schoolwide initiatives and beyond?

Workplace Essential Skills: The Interview

Make a great impression at your next job interview with this lesson from KET’s Workplace Essential Skills series. This self-paced lesson includes videos from a professional career counselor, interactive practice opportunities to get you thinking about your strategy and more activities you can try on your own.

PBS learning media

PBS LearningMedia

The nationally acclaimed educational platform PBS LearningMedia is your destination for direct access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital components. Discover standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans and more across all subjects and grades for teachers and students.