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Make a Transformational Impact

Philanthropic Gifts

With your help, we can fulfill our mission for North Carolina.

Our Philanthropic Giving Donors give generously to PBS North Carolina at a minimum contribution of $1,000 annually. Their generosity sustains current programs and allows us to invest in new ideas and initiatives. This support advances our mission to provide transcendent experiences and trusted content to educate, inform, entertain and inspire the people of North Carolina.

Help Us Educate, Inform, Entertain & Inspire


Support Educational Initiatives for Future Generations

Our efforts over the past 67 years have taught us the value of learning over and over again, as they have coalesced into a defining, tested and proven value proposition for North Carolina’s parents and kids. As disseminators of knowledge, we couldn’t be more grateful to be in the position to provide a tangible, public good.


Build a Safer North Carolina for All 

As North Carolina’s statewide public media network, we have a responsibility to leverage our powerful platform to advance awareness and understanding. We serves as a crucial link between public officials and over 10 million North Carolinians before, during and after emergency situations.


Produce Programming that Opens Eyes and Deepens Empathy

The diversity of our viewers demands compelling, inspiring and educational content for all North Carolinians. We share knowledge with purpose and are therefore intentional about telling stories about all North Carolinians, for all North Carolinians and by all North Carolinians. This has informed not only our mission and approach but also our trajectory as a growing, multiplatform, statewide public media network, consisting of 12 stations providing four channels—PBS NC, the North Carolina Channel, Rootle 24/7 PBS KIDS Channel and the Explorer Channel.


Spark Curiosity and Ignite New Projects to Prepare for the Future

Innovation is in our DNA: We are continuing the tradition of innovation by expanding our digital offerings, engaging North Carolina’s communities through our community Rootle Ambassador program and leveraging the power of public-private partnerships.

Meet Our Philanthropic Giving Team

To discover how you can make a lasting impact on your community, contact the Philanthropic Gifts team at 877-485-3311 or

Caroline Francis
Caroline Francis, Director of Philanthropic Giving
Direct: 919.549.7023
Drew Smith
Drew Smith, Philanthropic Gifts Officer
Direct: 919.485.3371
Warren Bingham
Warren Bingham, Gift Planning Officer
Direct: 919.485.3322
Taunja Ingram
Taunja Ingram, Philanthropic Gifts Manager
Direct: 919.485.3378
Melissa O'Connor
Melissa O'Connor, Associate Gift Officer
Direct: 919.549.7006
For more information, please contact the PBS North Carolina Philanthropic Gifts Team by phone at 877-485-3311 or send us an email at

Philanthropic Giving Levels

Discretionary annual donations are critical to sustain current programs and invest in new ideas. As a Philanthropic Giving Donor, you will have personalized direct access to a Gift Officer from our team to stay abreast of important news and updates about PBS North Carolina and our many initiatives across the state. 

Join or renew your support with a gift of $1,000 or more today. 

Producer $1,000 

Executive Producer $5,000 

Benefactor $10,000 

Investor $25,000 

Innovator $50,000 

Visionary $100,000 

To Become a Philanthropic Giving Donor at Any of These Levels: 

You may make a single payment or with monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual installments. 
Contributions may be made online, by calling toll-free at 877-485-3311, or by mail. 

Checks should be made payable to PBS North Carolina and mailed to: 

PBS North Carolina – Philanthropic Giving 
10 UNC-TV Drive, P.O. Box 14900 
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4900 

Grandmother and child reading books on the couch

The PBS North Carolina Legacy Society

Gift Planning

With Gift Planning, you can provide long-lasting support for PBS North Carolina while enjoying financial benefits for yourself. 

Join our beloved group of long lens donors aptly named the "PBS North Carolina Legacy Society"

The Impact of Directed Gifts ($25,000+)

Directed gifts from individuals, families, and family foundations are critical to the research, development, production, and distribution of every program, project, and initiative created at PBS NC for both North Carolina and beyond. 

These contributions provide PBS North Carolina with immediate working capital most often used for: 

  • Research and development, providing producers with the resources and time necessary to explore ideas, take risks, test impact, and determine direction at the beginning stages of a project;
  • The exploration of new digital technologies, allowing PBS NC to navigate the quickly changing media landscape and to expand its reach and impact beyond broadcast;
  • Finishing funds, supporting the completion of a project—the process of getting the project on the air, on the Web, or out into the community, and maximizing audience reach and impact.
  • An integral piece of the funding puzzle, directed gifts help propel PBS NC’s efforts to contribute award-winning programs and services to the public media system. Your support results in creating civil public discourse, a more profound respect for truth, more equitable access to learning, and a greater appreciation of our shared culture and history.

For more information about supporting PBS North Carolina with a directed gift of $25,000 or more, please contact: 

Philanthropic Gifts Team 

Directed gifts can be made in the form of cash, stock transfer, or wire transfer.