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Classroom Connection

PBS North Carolina Education presents Classroom Connection, featuring PBS KIDS favorites alongside North Carolina educators. This short-form learning series delivers engaging math and literacy lessons developed by and featuring North Carolina teachers, aimed at Pre-K through third grade students to support their at-home learning. 

Literacy Lessons

Lessons are aligned with NC standards for the grades indicated, and are appropriate for learners of all ages.

PreK-K Literacy Lessons

Puppy Paints Part 1
Understand concepts of print, recognize letter and sound of Pp.

Puppy Paints Part 2
Retell a simple story, recognize letter and sound of Gg .

Little Piglets Part 1
Understand concepts of print, recognize letter and sound of Ii.

Little Piglets Part 2
Recognize letters Pp, Ii, and Gg, and their sounds.

Understand concepts of print, and identify colors.

Is it a Baby Animal?
Concepts of print and vocabulary development.

Grades 1-2 Literacy Lessons

Letter Sounds Make Words
Understand that letters make sounds and those sounds work together to make words.

Words with Silent "e"
Distinguish the difference between a long vowel sound and a short vowel sound.

Two Vowels Go Walking
Understand what happens when two vowels are together.

Vowel Digraphs
Understand that when two vowels are together the first one makes the sound.

What Does That Mean?
Determine and clarify meanings of words based on the word parts.

Identify Story Elements
Use the story elements (character, setting) and the retelling structure Beginning, Middle, End (B-M-E) to comprehend the story.

Grade 3 Literacy Lessons

Sun! One in a Billion Part 1
Identify vocabulary in text to aid reading comprehension. 

Sun! One in a Billion Part 2
Understand how to determine meanings of words in text. 

Multiple Meaning Words & Phrases Part 1
Build vocabulary development and reading comprehension by exploring multiple-meaning words.

Multiple Meaning Words & Phrases Part 2
Explore multiple-meaning words in text.

Grades 4-5 Literacy Lessons

Figurative Language Exploration
Interpreting metaphors and similes.

Inferencing with Poetry
Citing text evidence to support inferences.

Poetry & Theme
Determining the theme of a poem.

Summarizing Poetry
Summarizing a text.

Inference with Informational Text
Citing textual evidence to support inferences.

Author's Reasoning
Reading comprehension - author’s reasoning.

Math Lessons

Lessons are aligned with NC standards for the grades indicated, and are appropriate for learners of all ages.

PreK-K Math Lessons

Count it Up! Part 1
Learn how to count to 100. 

Keep on Counting
Recognize patterns in the counting sequence.

Count it Up! Part 2
Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Count it Up! Part 3
Understanding numbers are counted in order.

Write On!
Writing numbers.

I Can Count It!
The number of objects is the same whether scattered in a line or in a 5 frame.

Grades 1-2 Math Lessons

Bubble Gum Splatters: Conceptual Subitizing
Recognize and combine groups of numbers.

Look Quick!
Understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Quick Dots! Part 1
Recognize and combine groups of numbers.

Quick Dots! Part 2
Recognize and combine groups of numbers. 

Talking About Math
Developing fact fluency within 20 and using mental math strategies to solve equations.

Number Talks
Demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction within 20, using mental math strategies.

Grade 3 Math Lessons

Things That Come in Groups
Make sense of multiplication, with counting and repeated addition strategies. 

Counting Cars
Learn strategies for solving equal group problems.

How Many Elephants?
Develop conceptual understanding of division.

How Many Boxes?
Show how problems involving multiplication and division can be represented and solved with arrays.

Perfect Patterns
Recognizing and using patterns can help develop fact fluency with multiplication facts.

Road Trip Reasoning
Add and subtract whole numbers up to and including 1,000.

Grades 4-5 Math Lessons

Mental Multiplication
Decomposing numbers to make it easier to find the product mentally.

The Power of 10!
Begin to see the pattern of what happens when a number is multiplied by a multiple of 10.

The Power of Tens
In a multi-digit whole number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its right, up to 100,000.

Triangle Yoga
There are different types of triangles, and they can be sorted by side length and angle measurements.

Are You a Square?!
Qualities of different quadrilaterals create an overlapping of ways to describe a quadrilateral.

Perimeter Predicament
Understanding perimeter is the distance around a figure.

Discovering Area
The area within a figure is the number of square units it would take to completely cover the space.

How to Find Area
The area of a square or rectangle can be found by multiplying the length and width.

Classroom Connection is made possible by the generous support of our partners:

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Special thanks to Dr. Angie Mullennix
Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, NC State University
Special thanks to Hiller Spires, Ph.D., Marie Himes, Jessica Hunt
The UNC System Literary Fellows
North Carolina Department of Information Technology

Content providers include:

North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
Shore Road Productions
Special thanks to Brad Turkel
Kevin "Rowdy" Rowsey, Pierce Freelon, Mariah Monsanto, rem, Kristin Hopkins, Jeghetto, Moose, Jamm, .zone
Sylvan Heights Bird Park
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