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The North Carolina Foundation for Public Television Board of Directors

The North Carolina Public Television Foundation is a major fundraising arm of PBS North Carolina. Overseen by a board of directors, the foundation is responsible for raising funds to advance, promote and support our public service mission: to connect North Carolinians to each other, the world and endless possibilities. 

Funds that are raised by the foundation are invested and used to help us develop, produce and expand our local and national broadcast content, as well as grow our community-based educational programs for preK and lifelong learners, teachers, caregivers, parents and citizens of all ages and backgrounds. 

Additionally, funds allow us to provide the best of PBS and other national and international noncommercial programs to our viewers. They also help to support original productions about science and technology, public affairs, history, culture and North Carolina–focused content as well as emergency services on air, online and in person for the benefit of all North Carolinians. 

Foundation Board Members

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