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I love to read! I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, as a matter of fact—something that comes in very handy in my role as the producer of North Carolina Bookwatch, too!

My passion for reading goes back further than just my three seasons (and counting) producing North Carolina Bookwatch, even further than my college degree, too. In fact, I have photographic evidence that I liked books when I was 10 months old! That enjoyment continued throughout my childhood; I remember summer reading programs at the public library and reading favorite books at home.

When I was around 7 or so, my cousin Andrew let me take as many of his comic books as I wanted. (He doesn’t remember this, but it’s true!) I’ve been reading Spider-Man and Archie ever since. I’m still a huge comic book fan—which is probably why, if I have to make a choice from the bevy of books at the top of my list, I claim ElfQuest as my “favorite.” I love a lot of books—for their impact on me, for things I learned when reading them, for beautiful writing and special characters. My favorites are the ones I go back to again and again, and still get something from every time I read them.

As the producer of North Carolina Bookwatch, I get a lot of books sent to me. I can’t read all of them, but I’m working on some of them, and I love meeting authors and talking to them about their books, or other books, and just sharing stories.

This is why The Great American Read project is such a big attraction for me—both as a person and as a producer. The project is PBS’s way of sparking a national conversation around the search for the book that is “America’s Favorite Novel,” thus highlighting reading, writing and literacy in a fun way while also creating opportunities for broader discourse. On Tuesday, May 22, The Great American Read kicks off with a two-hour special with host Meredith Vieira reviewing the Top 100 book list. Then, all summer long, you can vote for your favorite(s). In the fall, new episodes will focus on the different themes tying the books together—and, finally, America’s favorite book will be revealed in October!

You can find out more, including how to vote and even what to do if your favorite book didn’t make the list (#GreatReadWishPBS #EflQuest), on The Great American Read website. All summer long, Public Media North Carolina staff will talk about our favorite books on our social media platforms, and, in August, our Children’s Media team will travel to New Bern to host one of our famous Rootle Block Party LIVE! events. Plus, in September, North Carolina Bookwatch (and I) will return to the Bookmarks NC Festival in Winston-Salem. Come talk books with us!

For more information, visit The Great American Read, and join the conversation on social media using #GreatReadPBS! #LearningForALifetime #LetsGetWordy