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REEL SOUTH Season 4 Lineup
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Juana Ortega in the film Santurario
Guatemalan grandmother Juana Ortega in the film Santuario.
by Pilar Timpane & Christine Delp
REEL SOUTH (PBS) announces its riveting fourth season complete with nine new documentaries premiering April 11, 2019, across Southeast public television stations, including UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina, South Carolina ETV and Arkansas' AETN.

The films range in theme and geography from a Guatemalan grandmother taking Sanctuary in a Greensboro, NC, church to a failed pipeline protest in the far reaches of West Texas.

Concurrent to its PBS broadcast, the series will air nationally prime time on WORLD Channel beginning Sunday, April 14, 2019. For all showtimes, please check local listings.

Below is the lineup of films airing this spring on REEL SOUTH:
Two Trains Runnin’
by Sam Pollard
April 11, 2019

Set in Mississippi during the height of the civil rights movement, Two Trains Runnin' explores the search for two forgotten blues singers.

Directed by Sam Pollard, narrated by Common, and featuring the music of Gary Clark Jr., Two Trains Runnin' was nominated for a Grammy Award, named a Critic's Pick of the New York Times and one of Rolling Stone's best music documentaries of 2017.
A Texas Myth
by Joseph Cashiola & David Fenster
April 18, 2019

Roughly 20 miles north of the US-Mexico Border in rural West Texas, activists at the Two Rivers camp battle against the same company that built the pipeline at Standing Rock.

Fiesta Quinceañera
by Rodrigo Dorfman & Peter Eversoll
April 25, 2019

Life for a Latinx immigrant family in the New South can be challenging and sometimes terrifying, but thankfully, there are still fiestas!

¡Fiesta Quinceañera! weaves the lives of three Latina girls and an LGBTQ activist as they celebrate their quinceañera, a complex and colorful rite of passage.

Gimme a Faith
by Hao Zhang
May 2, 2019

Thousands of Chinese students arrive in the United States each year, often confronting loneliness and culture-clash upon arrival.

Arriving in North Carolina to study filmmaking, Hao Zhang is surprised to find a unique community of Chinese students, connected by a newly discovered evangelical Christianity that is often at stark odds with their roots in China.
by Pilar Timpane & Christine Delp
May 9, 2019

In Greensboro, North Carolina, a small church community offers sanctuary to Juana Tobar Ortega, a Guatemalan grandmother threatened with deportation after 25 years of living and working in the United States.
Lumpkin, GA
by Nicholas Manting Brewer
May 9, 2019

A fading Southern town struggling to survive a collapsed infrastructure and a high poverty rate lands a massive immigrant detention center down the road.

Lumpkin GA explores the community’s dream of rebirth and the nightmare of familial separation.
The Well-Placed Weed
by Cooper Sanchez & Steve Bransford
May 16, 2019

As one of the most celebrated American garden designers of the past three decades, Ryan Gainey grew up in rural South Carolina, where he developed a deep love of plants from his relatives and neighbors.

The Well-Placed Weed explores Gainey’s life and his masterpiece—his ‘garden of remembrance’ in Decatur, Georgia, where his old friends and family live on in the overlapping blooms of heirloom plants.
by Morrisa Maltz
May 23, 2019

Ingrid Gipson was a successful fashion designer who gave up her big city career for a reclusive life of solitude and unhindered creativity in Arkansas's rural Ouachita Mountains.

This poetic film purposefully explores Gipson's current world as she lives off the land, works on her homestead and makes art from natural materials.
Saint Cloud Hill
by Sean Clark & Jace Freeman
May 30, 2019

Recovered from crack addiction, Captain Chris rallies a colony of tent residents to defend their provisional homes against the forces of gentrification.

Evolved from a docuseries about the underbelly of Nashville, Tennessee's growing prosperity, Saint Cloud Hill dives deep into the tragic personal experiences of a displaced community losing its last remnant of stability.