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Bingeworthy Dramas

The cast of All Creatures Great & Small poses with the English countryside in the background, a golden retriever at their feet and a small lamb in the foreground.

New Dramas from Masterpiece and More on PBS

Intriguing characters, beautiful scenery and smart dialogue, all the things you’ve come to love from PBS’ dramas. Settle in and be transported to the rolling green hills of Yorkshire, uncover clues in the latest mystery to hit 1900s Vienna, or wait with bated breath to see if our favorites will find love.

This January, three of your favorite drama series are returning to Sunday nights on PBS NC: All Creatures Great & Small, Miss Scarlet & The Duke and Vienna Blood.  Explore more below to preview the new seasons, catch up on past seasons and discover even more drama series streaming now. 

(Please note: This feature contains plot details for the upcoming seasons of these shows.)

Coming Soon to PBS NC

All Creatures Great & Small

Season 3 begins in spring 1939 as James and Helen prepare to walk down the aisle. Should their wedding go off without a hitch—and what are the chances of that?—James will have a new wife and a new stake in the business to think of. The pressure is on, and while his scheme to participate in the government’s practice to test for tuberculosis in cattle will expand the veterinary practice, it could put James on the outs with local farmers. Meanwhile, war with Germany looms on the horizon, leaving everyone wondering what the future holds.

Season 3 premieres Sunday, 1/8 on PBS NC. Catch up on the first two seasons now, only with PBS NC Passport.

Season 3 Preview

Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Kate Phillips (Peaky Blinders) stars as the headstrong, first-ever female detective in Victorian London. Stuart Martin (Jamestown) plays her childhood friend, professional colleague and potential love interest, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector William Wellington, a.k.a., The Duke.

Season 3 premieres Sunday, 1/8 on PBS NC. Watch all 3 seasons now only with PBS NC Passport.

Season 3 Preview

Vienna Blood

Working together in a crime-solving partnership, brilliant young English doctor Max Liebermann and tenacious Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt investigate a series of unusual and disturbing murders. Max's extraordinary skills of psychological perception and Oskar's forceful determination lead them to solve some of Vienna’s most mysterious and deadly cases.

Season 3 premieres Sunday, 1/8 on PBS NC. Catch up on the first two seasons now, only with PBS NC Passport.

Season 3 Preview

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