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Celebrate Earth Month with Rootle PBS KIDS

Nature Cat, Hal the Dog, Squeeks and Daisy the Bunny stand at the edge of a grumpy rabbit's garden.

Watch Nature Cat to Celebrate Earth Day 

Join Rootle PBS KIDS this month as we celebrate the beauty of nature! Monday, April 22, is Earth Day, and kids and families can celebrate with marathons of Nature Cat every Saturday and Sunday this month, 7 AM to 10 AM and 1 PM to 4 PM. Join us for the premiere of the new special Nature Cat’s Nature Movie Special Extraordinaire on Monday, 4/22, at 4:30 PM on Rootle PBS KIDS

Check out more of the PBS KIDS Earth Month specials that teach kids all about sustainability, nature and more. Explore our nature-filled family crafting activities, like making your own paper, creating a reusable bag out of a recycled T-shirt and even how to make your own composter by using recycled goods at home. 

Exploring Raleigh's Botanic Garden

JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh NC

Ready for an awesome adventure in nature this month? Explore the wonders of JC Raulston Arboretum, nestled in Raleigh. If you’ve ever wondered what an arboretum is and why it’s so cool, journey behind the scenes with us to learn more. Discover plants from across the country and all over the world, from Mexico to Taiwan, right here in North Carolina for free! 

Earth Month Specials on Rootle PBS KIDS

Nature Cat: Nature Cats Nature Movie Special Extraordinaire 

Nature Cat and his pals realize they've come to the end of their Nature Curiosity List. Meanwhile, Sir Galahad gives himself the title of King and moves into a barren castle and steals pieces of nature to make his castle look more beautiful. Oh no! 

Watch Nature Cat Monday, 4/22, 4:30 PM, on Rootle.  

Watch Now | Earth Day Today & Earth Day Every Day
Watch Now | Earth Day Today & Earth Day Every Day
Nature Cat with his arms out wide.

Rootle Block Party Star of the Month

Nature Cat

Once his family leaves for the day, Fred becomes Nature Cat and with the help of his animal friends, he embarks on action-packed adventures that allow him to explore the natural world. 

Watch Nature Cat marathons every Saturday and Sunday, 7–10 AM and 1–4 PM on Rootle.   

Cyberchase: Sustainable by Design 

The CyberSquad gets fashionable in Factoria! Jackie wins the chance of a lifetime to apprentice with the incomparable fashion designer Fabio DeZine. Jackie quickly learns, it takes more than just a pretty drawing to design something with a real and sustainable impact. 

Watch Cyberchase Wednesday, 4/17, 9 PM, on Rootle.  

Watch Now | Sustainable by Design

Lyla in the Loop: Carnival for Luke & Rap Report 

Lyla, Everett, and her sisters build makeshift carnival games for their brother Luke using household and recycled materials. Plus, Louisa seeks help from Lyla, Luke, and Stu to create a special beat for her school presentation on Mae Jemison. 

Watch Lyla in the Loop Saturday, 4/20, 4 PM, on Rootle.  

Watch Now | Carnival for Luke/Rap Report
Watch Now | Carnival for Luke/Rap Report

Ready Jet Go: Every Day Is Earth Day 

It's Earth Day, and the kids are preparing posters for the big community celebration at the DSA. They decide to research their posters by traveling all around the Earth in Jet's family saucer and observing all the things that make Earth so special.

Watch Ready Jet Go! Saturday, 4/20, 6:30 PM, on Rootle.  

Watch Now | Every Day Is Earth Day 
Watch Now | Every Day Is Earth Day 

Sesame Street: Community Garden Cleanup 

Welcome to the Community Garden! It's a place where we grow flowers, fruits, and veggies together. Tamir and Elmo admire herbs, Alan's Japanese veggies, and Mia's Abuela's flowers. Sadly, a windstorm knocks everything down. Tamir and Elmo ask for help, and everyone pitches in to clean up! 

Watch Sesame Street Monday, 4/22, 8 AM, on Rootle.  

Watch Now | Song in Community Garden Cleanup 

Elinor Wonders Why: Follow That Roly Poly & Rain, Rain Don't Go Away 

The Exploring Club is looking for a cool place to explore when they find a Roly Poly that leads them on their next adventure, under a log! After careful observation, they realize that there's an entire community of critters that lives under logs. Also, Elinor wonders "why does it need to rain?" The kids soon observe lots of ways the rain is helpful to plants and animals: it helps snails stay slimy, fills up bird baths, keeps frog ponds full, and keeps the grass green. 

Watch Elinor Wonders Why Monday, 4/22, 1 PM, on Rootle.  

Watch Now | Follow That Roly Poly & Rain, Rain Don't Go Away
Watch Now | Follow That Roly Poly & Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

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Earth Day Activities & Crafts with PBS KIDS 

PBS North Carolina's Girl Scout Nature Cat Explorer Patch.

Girl Scout Nature Cat Explorer Patch

North Carolina’s Girl Scouts can now team up with Nature Cat and pals to earn a free Nature Cat Explorer Patch. Through this program, Daisies and Brownies can complete educational nature activities that pave the path to earning a free Nature Cat patch!