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Exploring the Outdoors with Rootle PBS KIDS!

Elinor and Mr. Rabbit sit with some dandelions featured in Elinor Wonder's Why.

Outdoor Activities, Father’s Day & More 

Summer’s almost here, and it’s the perfect time to explore with your little ones. Rootle PBS KIDS is here to help you make the most of the season with exciting shows, games and inspiration for fun adventures. 

Grab your sunscreen, pack a picnic and dive into our collection of engaging and educational PBS KIDS games that encourage exploration and discovery. 

Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

There are so many opportunities to discover the joys of nature this summer. One way is by visiting a local garden or park. In this video, meet Liani Yirka, who shares what makes Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham a fun and accessible place for all families. 

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Exploring the Outdoors with PBS KIDS Shows

Elinor Wonders Why 

Elinor loves making "Backyard Soup," because all the ingredients come from their backyard garden. Elinor learns that different plants grow in different environments as she makes a whole different "Backyard Soup" with her grandparents, where the main ingredient is cactus! Also, Elinor and her friends are selling lots of yummy cupcakes, but the problem is no one is buying any. After observing how flowers attract bees through color and smell, they go back to their bake sale and decorate the table with fantastic colors, and use a fan to spread the aroma of the cupcakes. 

Watch Elinor Wonders Why Monday, 5/17, 1 PM, on Rootle.  

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Elinor from "Elinor Wonders Why" kneels in a garden patch of dandelions.

Rootle Block Party Star of the Month

Elinor Wonders Why

The adventures of an observant and curious bunny rabbit named Elinor and her friends Ari, a bat, and Olive, an elephant. 

Watch Elinor Wonders Why marathons every Saturday and Sunday, 7–10 AM and 1–4 PM on Rootle.   

Hero Elementary: The Lake Mistake and Plant Problem 

On a warm day, the team takes a field trip to the lake. But, when a fellow super student accidentally freezes the entire lake, it's up to Sparks' Crew to find a way to restore the lake back to its original, liquid state. Then, when a Turbo Grow ray zaps a plant, the plant grows out of control all over Citytown. Sparks' Crew comes to the rescue and learns about plant parts and what plants need to survive. 

Watch Hero Elementary Thursday, 6/20, 8:30 PM, on Rootle.  

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Wild Kratts: The Real Ant Farm 

While Koki and Jimmy work on the family farm of Wild Kratt kid Scarlett, harvesting crops, Aviva, Martin and Chris go on an adventure in the amazon rainforest where they discover a hidden community of farmers - Leafcutter Ants! 

Watch Wild Kratts Thursday, 5/27, 6:30 PM, on Rootle.  

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Outdoor Activities & Crafts with PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS Father’s Day Episodes

Dinosaur Train: Father's Day 

Mr. Conductor uses an experimental Drill Train to find his father whom he believes was lost in the Cenozoic – far into the dinosaurs' future where no dinosaur has gone before.

Watch Dinosaur Train Friday, 6/14, 6:30 AM on Rootle.

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Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Special Dad Day 

Sid is excited to play soccer with his Dad outside--but he's not excited to lather up in sunblock, because it takes way too long to put on! At school, Sid and his friends discover that sunblock is a great way to protect your skin from the sun. And they also learn about the amazing ways the sun helps the Earth.

Watch Sid the Science Kid online.  

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 Curious George: George and the Unforgettable Father's Day

A heat wave power outage threatens a small snowman George has kept in the freezer since winter, so George searches for ice; after learning about totem poles from his new friend, Kimi, George is inspired to make one for Father's Day.

Watch Curious George Sunday, 6/16, 11 AM on Rootle.

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Father high fives daughter at the kitchen table.

More Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

This year, let's make it a celebration filled with creativity and love. Get your kids involved and inspire their inner artist with fun Father's Day crafts, cards, and even some delicious recipe ideas. Together, you can create something special that Dad will cherish!