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Meet Women Leaders and Innovators in Side by Side with Nido Qubein

Headshots of Journey Gunderson, Camesha Whittaker, Lisa Sun and Karrie Dixon from Side by Side with Nido Qubein.

Women Who Lead in Business and More

Women’s History Month offers us a time to reflect on the impact and achievements of women leaders. In Side by Side with Nido Qubein, our host introduces us to many influential women leading in business, education, government and more. Explore this collection of featured interviews and gain inspiration from their insights on how confidence shapes leadership, the dynamics of collaborating with other inspiring women, and the journey to becoming a successful leader in higher education.  

Join us as we honor the achievements and contributions of these remarkable women featured in Side by Side

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Ebony Boulware, Dean, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Ebony Boulware learned the value of teamwork and communication as a star basketball player in college. She continued to embrace those values as she became a medical doctor, an equity-health champion and now dean of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

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Kathie Niven, CEO & President of Biscuitville

Greensboro based Biscuitville, has been able to spread gradually over North and South Carolina, and into Virginia based on quality, made from scratch biscuits, while continuing to be a family owned, chain. Kathie Niven has lead that expansion and explains how she made that work, while guiding it towards more growth. 

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Karrie G. Dixon, Chancellor of Elizabeth City State University 

Dr. Karrie Dixon, chancellor of Elizabeth City State University, began her career as a TV journalist. The experience of teaching a class in public speaking, however, inspired her to trade in her microphone for the opportunity to lead a major HBCU. Learn her story in this one-on-one conversation. 

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Lisa Sun, CEO & Founder of Gravitas 

Early in her career, Lisa Sun was told she needed more gravitas in how she presented herself. That review changed her entire trajectory, spurring her to start her own business, Gravitas, and making it an innovative brand. 

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Journey Gunderson, Executive Director of National Comedy Center 

Journey Gunderson discusses what drove her to fulfill Lucille Ball’s vision for the National Comedy Center after working alongside sports legend Billie Jean King as an advocate for women athletes. 

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Sue Downes, CEO & Founder of MyEyeDr. 

Sue Downes ignored the naysayers who said her idea for a comprehensive vision center wouldn’t work. Now MyEyeDr., the company she cofounded in 2001, includes over 800 practices serving three million patients across 27 states. 

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Camesha Whittaker, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Design at the Propel Center

Civility and inclusion help people become more compassionate and caring. Author Camesha Whittaker talks about the friendship that formed between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the pioneering educator Mary McLeod Bethune and the lessons we can learn from it today. 

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Dr. Hope Williams, President of North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities

As President of North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities for 30 years, Dr. Hope Williams brings her experiences in higher education to share. She sits down with Nido Qubein for an in-depth assessment of the current state of higher education, and how colleges and universities may serve in the future. 

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Stephanie Quayle, Country Music Singer & Songwriter 

Country music singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle discusses her journey that led her to the Grand Ole Opry and how she "puts it all on the line" on performance nights. 

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