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UNC-TV is now PBS North Carolina Powered By The UNC System

New Name. Same Public Media You Trust.

For the past 66 years UNC-TV has educated, entertained and evolved, from black and white screens in living rooms to glowing screens in pockets, from broadcast to everywhere. Now we’re no longer a traditional channel but an innovative multimedia platform, embodying everything you love about PBS and connecting North Carolinians to their communities and the world at large.

As our audience evolves, so does our platform and brand. On January 12, 2021, UNC-TV will become PBS North Carolina Powered by the UNC System.

Our name is changing, but our founding mission remains the same. As PBS North Carolina, we’ll harness the energy of the UNC System to spark lifelong curiosity; inform communities in times of crisis; engage with complex local and national issues; offer opportunities to learn, and raise the level of discourse around science, arts and humanities for all North Carolinians.

PBS North Carolina will continue offering trusted PBS news, programming and resources and we’ll always represent our state’s people, stories and culture. We’re still educating, still entertaining, still evolving, with you.

With neighbors like you in our PBS North Carolina family, anything is possible!

Our Vision
To spark lifelong curiosity and wonder, empower our communities and enrich the lives of all North Carolinians.

Our Mission
Provide transformational experiences and trusted content to educate, inform, entertain and inspire the people of North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Brand

What is changing?

UNC-TV will change to PBS North Carolina with a new tagline: Powered by the UNC System. The logo, visual style guide and messaging will be updated to reflect the new name.

How is this an improvement for me as a viewer? Does this affect how I watch my favorite shows?

Today many viewers watch our content online, or on an app, and this rebrand will bring consistency across platforms, minimize viewer confusion and make it easier to find your favorite shows across platforms. We already leverage PBS apps as well as PBS’ position on platforms like Roku, Apple TV, and YouTube TV. Our new name will make it much simpler for North Carolinians to find our locally produced content when searching for it online.

What changes did you make to your logo and why?

The new logo integrates brand elements from PBS, including their logo and signature blue, with our own uniquely North Carolinian elements, such as our new green inspired by the state tree, the pine, and tagline: Powered by the UNC System.

What is the timeline for these changes taking effect?

We are publicly introducing the new branding January 12, 2021 with additional changes taking place in the months following, to ensure a smooth transition and minimize costs.

Did you develop the brand in-house or in conjunction with an agency?

Our in-house marketing and creative teams collaborated with PBS and French West Vaughan, a PR and integrated marketing agency in Raleigh.

Will the name of your broadcast channels change?

Our main broadcast channel, UNC-TV PBS & More, will change to PBS NC. The other existing channels – the North Carolina Channel, the Explorer Channel, and Rootle 24/7 PBS Kids - will remain the same for the time being.

Will the station call letters change?

No. While the display name will change from UNC-TV to PBS NC for our main channel, the call letters will remain the same. The current channel listing is available here.

Will your web and email domains be changing?

Yes, we will be transitioning our domains from to Initial updates to our main website and email addresses will be made at launch but the full transition will take place over time to ensure a smooth experience for our audiences and members.

Do you have new profiles on social media?

Starting January 12, 2021 our social handles will update to @mypbsnc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you currently follow us on social you will automatically receive posts from these updated profiles. In the meantime, you can follow us at, and @publicmediaNC on Twitter

Will your legal name be changing?

No. Our legal name will remain the University of North Carolina Center for Public Media.

Does this change your mission and vision?

As part of the rebrand, we explored updates to both statements. Our new vision better reflects our greatest aspirations: “To spark lifelong curiosity and wonder, empower our communities and enrich the lives of all North Carolinians.” And our new mission broadly describes the scope of what we do to achieve that vision: “We provide transformational experiences and trusted content to educate, inform, entertain and inspire the people of North Carolina.”

Was public funding and member contributions used for the rebrand?

No. All market research and rebranding consulting work were funded by private dollars through UNC-TV’s foundation.

About the Organization

Is your phone or mailing address changing?

No. Our contact information will continue to be:

10 UNC-TV Drive
PO Box 14900 
RTP, NC 27709

Phone: 919-549-7000

What is your relationship to the UNC System and PBS?

As both an affiliate institution of the UNC System and a member station of PBS, we have a unique local and national operating environment.

When the network’s original station – WUNC-TV, Channel 4 in Chapel Hill – signed on the air January 8, 1955, as North Carolina’s first “educational station” and the tenth in the nation, no one could foresee the statewide public television network it would become. Today, true to its founding mission, PBS North Carolina delivers educational programming and resources across the state, powered by one of the best public university systems in the nation. As an affiliate institution of the UNC System, PBS North Carolina contributes to its long-standing commitment to education and public service.

PBS stands for the Public Broadcasting Service, founded in 1969, and is a multi-platform media organization that serves Americans through television, mobile and connected devices, the web, in the classroom and more. For the 17th year in a row, PBS has once again been named America’s most trusted institution in a nationwide survey. Underscoring its impact and value, 73% of respondents felt that local PBS stations provide excellent value to communities and when asked about value for tax dollars, PBS ranks only behind our nation’s military defense, with 67% finding PBS and member stations to be an excellent value for tax dollars. As a member station of PBS, we join a national network of over 330 stations in delivering award-winning educational content and programming to our community.

Will the governance structure change with the rebrand?

The existing governance structure will remain unchanged. In addition to its license being held by the UNC Board of Governors, UNC-TV is also served by its Board of Trustees (with 11 members appointed by the BOG, 4 by the Governor, 2 by legislative leaders, and 6 who serve ex-officio due to their roles in major statewide agencies) and by the UNC-TV Foundation Board of Directors, which works to raise funds to advance, promote and support the public service mission of UNC-TV.

Besides public television, what public services do you provide?

We provide extensive resources, training and production services to parents, children and educators; maintain an emergency communications infrastructure for state agencies; and host live events and town hall forums in communities across the state, reaching over 165,000 people annually. Our professional development work includes training NC schoolteachers on how to best and most effectively use PBS resources and digital content in their lessons, as well as original course development for the UNC System and its constituent institutions. We’re also partnering with the NC Department of Public Instruction to expand our At-Home Learning Initiative, launched in the early weeks of the pandemic.

What is the current financial structure of the organization?

As North Carolina’s only statewide public television network, UNC-TV’s four channels, broadcasting over-the-air on 12 stations, and its digital content are made possible through a unique partnership of public investment and private support. This mix of federal, state and private contributions is used to:

  • Acquire and distribute beloved national PBS content.
  • Acquire and/or produce original local programs that are distributed locally, regionally and, in some cases, nationally.
  • Help maintain a widespread infrastructure of towers and facilities that allows us to not only reach nearly every home in North Carolina—including those without broadband—but also, more critically, to ensure reliable emergency communications for the State Highway Patrol, DHHS, DPS, the Governor’s office and the other state agencies we serve.


Next year, UNC-TV is launching its most ambitious fundraising campaign in 30 years, positioning itself now to grow its audience and membership in the years ahead.


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