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Past Updates

October 30:

Antenna/tower work for Jacksonville's WUNM is expected to start in mid-November, with the transition completed by December 6.

At Edenton/Columbia's WUND, the interim/auxiliary antenna has been installed and contractors are now working on completing the main transmitter installation. The transition, which requires coordination with a Norfolk-area station, should take place well before the mid-January completion deadline.

Wilmington's WUNU transition has been delayed to allow another area broadcaster, experiencing significant equipment problems, to stay on the air. WUNU’s transition completion is expected by mid to late November.

Four translators are currently off air. The Jefferson, Tryon and Marion translators were turned off due to interference issues. These translators will return to the air as soon as we receive necessary, new electronics equipment. Due to the volume of orders from broadcasters affected by the repack, manufacturers are behind schedule; we're awaiting an update regarding a new delivery date. Additionally, the Cashiers site currently cannot receive a signal that can be used as the input for the translator; we’re working to identify and implement a solution.

Thanks for your understanding and for your support of UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina!

October 7:

For UNC-TV over-the-air viewers using an antenna in the Brevard and Cherokee areas, over-the-air broadcast service is restored. You’ll need to perform a channel rescan of your television to receive UNC-TV programming with your antenna-equipped TV.

In late November and early December, changes are planned for Channel 2—WUND-TV in Edenton, Channel 19—WUNM-TV in Jacksonville and Channel 31—WUNU in Lumberton which will require a channel rescan for televisions that use antennas. Watch in the coming weeks for announcements with more details about the timing of these changes.

Over the next few months, UNC-TV also plans further changes in its over-the-air broadcast signals. These changes are planned to improve the signal quality to make it easier for over-the-air viewers using antennas to receive UNC-TV programming. However, to make these improvements, some of our stations will have to go off the air for a few hours each day for a brief period in order for these improvements to be made. We apologize in advance for any problems these outages may cause. Our goal is to provide the best-quality signal to our viewers.

September 18:

The translator that brings channel 33 WUNF to the Fairview, Black Mountain and Swannanoa areas of Buncombe County is now operational. To receive the updated UNC-TV signals, please rescan your TV or converter box using the instructions below. Our engineering teams continue to work on remaining signal outages in order to restore service as quickly as possible.

September 17:

Our engineering teams have installed the proper equipment to comply with the FCC requirements for spectrum reallocation. However, we, and many other broadcasters, are temporarily running at lower power levels that compromise signal quality. Some viewers may experience the loss of our signal for the next several weeks, until normal power levels return. Be assured that our engineers are diligently working to restore service to affected areas as soon as possible. We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience during this challenging time. In the meantime, please know that many of your favorite shows can easily be viewed online and streamed to your TV from our video portal and UNC-TV app. While this workaround may not provide the same over-the-air experience that you've come to expect, it does allow you to control what UNC-TV and PBS shows you want to watch. Thank you again.