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Episode 1 - Women in Construction

Business is booming in Pittsboro, but that means there is also a greater need for skilled workers. Join Anita Brown-Graham and the ncIMPACT team as they examine how the community is recruiting women to fill these nontraditional jobs like construction and manufacturing.

Originally aired Thursday, February 7, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Mike Walden on Education for Manufacturing Jobs

Mike Walden discusses the importance of educating young people to fill manufacturing jobs.


Andrew Berger-Gross on NC Job Market Trends

Andrew Berger-Gross discusses the general job market trends in North Carolina.


Betsy Bailey on Women in Construction Jobs

Betsy Bailey discusses the need for women in construction jobs in North Carolina.


Construction Training in Community College

ncIMPACT examines how a community college is training women in construction.

Episode 2 - Downtown Economic Development

ncIMPACT looks at Kinston, NC, one of many communities that have come up with unique ways to revitalize their downtown and attract not just visitors, but people seeking to relocate in their area as well.

Originally aired Thursday, February 14, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


How Kinston Revitalized

Former Mayor of Kinston, BJ Murphy, discusses the steps Kinston took to revitalize its downtown area with Anita Brown-Graham.


smART Kinston City Project

Learn about a new initiative which helps artists relocate to Kinston and provides them with affordable housing.


Liz Parham of NC Main Street Program

Liz Parham talks on the importance of finding champions to promote downtown revitalization.


Tyler Mulligan of UNC School of Government

Tyler Mulligan discusses the importance of downtown revitalization and how to succeed.

Episode 3 - Pre-K Education

In Forsyth County, 75 percent of its 4-year-old children lack access to high-quality, pre-kindergarten programs. The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust is making a multi-million dollar investment in early childhood efforts, which includes working to expand pre-K access to all Forsyth County children.

Originally aired Thursday, February 21, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Training Quality Teachers

Ellen Peisner-Feinburg of the FPG Child Development Institute discusses teacher training.


Expanding North Carolina Pre-K

Don Martin discusses Forsyth's County efforts to expand North Carolina's Pre-K program.


Emphasis on STEAM for Students

Forsyth County Pre-K programs see the need to start science and technology lessons early.


Need for Greater Investment

Tracy Zimmerman of the NC Early Childhood Foundation discusses funding Pre-K efforts.

Episode 4 - Rural Healthcare Shortages

Many rural communities in North Carolina are seeing a shortage of healthcare providers. ncIMPACT is in McDowell County where paramedics making house calls is just one of the ways the community is improving health access.

Originally aired Thursday, February 28, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Healthcare Access

Calvin Allen discusses the challenges with healthcare access in rural communities.


Telemedicine in Schools

ncIMPACT examines how McDowell County schools are using telemedicine for students.


Bringing Doctors to Rural Areas

Dr. Robert Bashford discusses how to move more doctors into rural communities.


EMS House Calls

EMS in McDowell County are making house calls for their patients to avoid trips to the ER.

Episode 5 - Human and Labor Trafficking

Human trafficking may not seem like an issue where you live, but the reality is this form of modern-day slavery is occurring at an alarming rate across our state. Host Anita Brown-Graham examines human trafficking within the NC Triad region during this episode of ncIMPACT.

Originally aired Thursday, March 7, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Labor Trafficking

Nancy Hagan, of Project NO Rest, discusses labor trafficking in the Triad region.


Human Trafficking: Anna's Story

Anna Ptak shares her powerful story of overcoming human trafficking in this episode of ncIMPACT.


Recognizing Human Trafficking

Margaret Hendersen of the UNC-School of Government discusses signs to recognize human trafficking.


Combating Human Trafficking

Adam Farnham discusses how the sheriff's office is combating this issue.

Episode 6 - Pre-Trial Reform

Every day thousands of North Carolinians are stuck in jail not because they’ve been convicted of a crime but simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. Join host Anita Brown-Graham as she explores how communities are working to change this system.

Originally aired Thursday, March 14, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Unfairness of Pretrial System

Susanna Birdsong, from ACLU of North Carolina, discusses how unfair the pretrial system can be.


Pretrial Release Pilot Program

ncIMPACT explores a new pretrial release pilot program in Haywood and Jackson counties.


Jail Overcrowding

Tarrah Callahan, from Conservatives for Criminal Justice Reform, discusses jail overcrowding.


Assisting Inmates Transitioning Back into Society

ncIMPACT explores how jails prevent overcrowding by reducing recidivism.

Episode 7 - Vocational Apprentice Programs

Many businesses across North Carolina say they struggle to find quality workers. In Alamance County, an apprenticeship program addresses the immediate need for skilled workers and seeks to grow the next generation of leaders in manufacturing. In this episode of ncIMPACT learn more about the local talent pipeline in Alamance County.

Originally Aired Thursday, March 21, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Career Apprenticeship Program

Alamance-Burlington Schools shows students there’s more than one path to obtain a degree in higher education.


Training through Apprenticeship Programs

A panel discusses training students through apprenticeship programs in Alamance County



The demand for workers in this field led to Alamance Community College creating their own mechatronics program.


Developing Apprenticeship Programs

A panel explores how communities can develop an apprenticeship program.

Episode 8 - Mental Health & Incarceration

In many counties across North Carolina, jails have more adults with mental illness than psychiatric hospitals. And they tend to stay longer and have a higher rate of recidivism. In this episode of ncIMPACT learn more about the impact of the only multi-county effort to address this problem.

Originally Aired Thursday, March 28, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Community First Steps

Panel discussion on how a community can create an initiative to treat mental health.


Telemedicine in Jails

Explore how jails are using telemedicine to treat those with mental illnesses.


Stepping Up Initiative

An expert panel discusses the multi-county Stepping Up Initiative to get individuals the treatment needed.


Five-County Stepping Up Initiative

ncIMPACT explores the five-county effort in the Stepping Up Initiative.

Episode 9 - Adverse Childhood Experiences

At its core, most states define an “adverse childhood experience” as neglect or abuse that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child. These experiences can hinder the potential of our youth. We look at programs designed to prevent and combat this issue.

Originally Aired Thursday, April 4, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Adverse Childhood Experiences

Panelists Sharon Hirsch, Betsey Tilson, and Elizabeth DeKonty discuss what Adverse Childhood Experiences are and how to help.


Educating Parents

We look at the impact of a parenting program in Cumberland County that helps parents learn effective ways to manage their children’s behavior.


Prevention Plans

Panelists discuss plans being implemented in local communities that help prevent adverse childhood experiences.


Remembering Shaniya Davis in Cumberland County

ncIMPACT remembers Shaniya Davis and explores how her death changed Cumberland County.

Episode 10 - Shortage of Firefighters

There is an increasing shortage of volunteer firefighters across our state and across the country. Anita Brown-Graham looks at what rural communities are doing to recruit and support volunteer fire departments and the men and women who serve them.

Originally aired Thursday, April 11, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Firefighter Training in High School

ncIMPACT examines how a local high school is training the next generation of firefighters.


Recruiting Volunteer Firefighters

ncIMPACT hosts a panel on new recruitment efforts for volunteer firefighters.


Shortage of Volunteer Firefighters

ncIMPACT hosts a panel discussion on the shortage of volunteer firefighters.


Importance of Volunteer Firefighters

ncIMPACT examines the importance of volunteer firefighters in Orange County.

Episode 11 - Incarceration to Workforce

Studies show that more than 60% of the formerly incarcerated stay unemployed one year after being released, and those who do get a job, earn 40% less than they did prior to jail. In this week's episode, Anita Brown-Graham takes a look at a program designed to support re-entry into the workforce and to help them re-join their community.

Originally aired Thursday, April 18, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Panel on Work Reentry

Panelists discuss work reentry after incarceration including housing, employment and more.


Challenges with Reentry

An expert panel on the challenges facing the formerly incarcerated when reentering the workforce.


Pitt County Reentry Council

Learn about how multiple stakeholders in Pitt County have come to the table to tackle this issue.


Local Reentry Councils

Panelists Vanessa James, Nicole Sullivan, and Daniel Bowes discuss local reentry councils.

Episode 12 - Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

Renewable energy is increasingly championed as a new economy that brings jobs and energy security to a community while combating climate change. In this episode, Anita Brown-Graham looks at how investment in a renewable economy can impact our state’s rural areas.

Originally Aired Thursday, April 25, at 8 PM on UNC-TV. Watch online anytime!


Renewable Energy in North Carolina

Panelists Katharine Kollins and Brian O'Hara discuss renewable energy in North Carolina.


Renewable Energy Impact on Rural Economies

We look at the impact of how renewable energy facilities are helping develop rural economies.


Panel on Renewable Energy Barriers

Panelists Katharine Kollins and Brian O'Hara explore the barriers to renewable energy.


Investing in Renewable Energy

Host Anita Brown-Graham interviews interviews Donald van der Vaart regarding investing in renewable energy.

Episode 13 - Rural Health Transportation

The National Rural Health Association recently cited transportation as a key policy concern when it came to older residents in rural areas without access to a car or public transportation. Anita Brown-Graham looks at a new program that is filling this gap and having an impact on health outcomes.

Premieres Thursday, May 2, at 8 PM on UNC-TV.


Panel on Rural Transportation and Healthcare

Panelists Hanna Cockburn, Jason Gray, and Brandy Bynum-Dawson discuss rural transportation and access to healthcare.


Transportation and Employment Barriers

We look at the struggle of many rural residents to find reliable transportation and the employment barriers it creates.


Panel on the TRIP Program

A panel discusses the impact of the TRIP Program, operated by Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center, and how it’s already improved health outcomes and reduced hospital costs.


On-Demand Transportation Services

We look at the impact of a local program offering on-demand transportation services for rural residents.